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For more than 10 years we have provided companies of all sizes and in a variety of sectors with uncomplicated, innovative and affordable human resources advice and on-site support ensuring that your people are an asset to your company and not a liability.


Employee Relations

Providing effective policies and procedures to manage the contractual and psychological relationship with employees will prevent many disputes and claims ...

Contracts of Employment and Employee Handbooks

It is a legal requirement that all employees are issued with written terms and conditions of employment when joining a new employer.

In our experience a large number of disputes and claims that can arise are easily prevented or resolved where clear terms and conditions of employment are in place and where the company's HR policies are properly and clearly documented and understood.

Our Key to HR can provide you with up to date terms and conditions of employment, a staff handbook and associated documentation needed to make sure you comply with UK employment legislation.

Performance Management & Appraisal

Having goals and objectives is not only key to your business's success, it's key to your employee's success too, after all their success is your success. It's also important that employees are given the opportunity to improve in areas where you feel they are currently under-performing and that excellence is formally recognised.

We can provide you with a simple to use performance management and appraisal system which will not only allow you to give feedback to your employees but will encourage them to provide vital feedback to you about your business and their thoughts and aspirations.

Absence Management

Recent studies by the Centre for Economics and Business Research show that sickness related absence costs UK employers £6.5 billion per annum (£3.1 billion in the private sector).

Many employers are unsure how to deal with employees with either regular short-term absences or longer term absences involving chronic illnesses. We can provide you with an Absence Management policy and associated procedures that will help you to keep your business's sickness-related absence within acceptable levels and by liaising with national occupational health specialists we can help you to manage those employees whose absence levels are unacceptable.

Grievance, Discipline & Capability

From time to time, the relationship between an employer and employee breaks down, either because the employee has made a complaint to you about how they feel that they have been treated or alternatively, you have cause to complain about their conduct or performance.

These situations are often emotionally charged and very difficult to handle, especially in smaller businesses.

We can manage all aspects of a grievance, capability or disciplinary situation with you, or for you if you prefer, ensuring that correct procedures are followed so as to minimise the likelihood of any related legal claim or reducing the likelihood any such claim being successful.