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For more than 10 years we have provided companies of all sizes and in a variety of sectors with uncomplicated, innovative and affordable human resources advice and on-site support ensuring that your people are an asset to your company and not a liability.


Psychometric Testing

Discovering the person behind the CV ...

The key to success in any business lies in understanding which person you should hire, which you should promote, what makes a top performer, what motivates them, their core strengths, their limitations and the value they add to a team. 

We are Level A and Level B accredited by the British Psychological Society to administer a number of personality, aptitude, ability and skills tests to help you to select and promote the right people to ensure your business's success.

Download our Guide to Psychometric Testing for more details.

Personality Testing (Level B Testing)

Personality testing provides an insight into how employees or prospective employees typically think, feel and interact at work, areas that are difficult to reliably explore during an interview.

Administered online, a personality report will indicate whether or not someone can cope well with pressure, resolve disagreements, be decisive, be a team-player, be diligent and compliant, embrace change, be attentive to detail, be participative and engaging, be confident and self-assured, be open and accepting and be a self-starter.

Personality testing prices start from as little as £55.00 (+VAT).

Aptitude & Ability Testing (Level A Testing)

Aptitude and ability testing provides a comprehensive and in-depth measure of an employee's or a prospective employee's mental agility, which has been found to be the best single predictor of job performance.

Tests typically assess verbal reasoning (basic vocabulary, verbal fluency and the ability to reason using words), numerical reasoning (the ability to use numbers in a logical and efficient way) and abstract reasoning (the ability to use new information outside the range of previous experience), but other tests that measure critical thinking, clerical ability and even safety awareness are all available.

Aptitude and ability testing prices start from as little as £20.00 (+VAT).