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Merlin House, 1 Langstone Business Park

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For more than 10 years we have provided companies of all sizes and in a variety of sectors with uncomplicated, innovative and affordable human resources advice and on-site support ensuring that your people are an asset to your company and not a liability.


With the National Minimum Wage (NMW) now almost fifteen years old, and with another increase pending on 1st April 2017 HMRC have issued a list of the most elaborate excuses they've been given by employers for not paying the appropriate rates:

'Spring Board' and the 'HR Inner Circle' ...

Alan Kitto

The Spring Board

I'm pleased to announce that Alan is now a member of The Spring Board, a small collaborative team of coaches, mentors and trainers who work together for the benefit of their clients. The Spring Board meet regularly, exchange ideas and help each other with problems, find new resources and contacts for each other – all aimed at ensuring that our individual clients get the very best service possible when they work with us. There are no financial benefits passed between us, we just do what is best for our clients, individually or cooperatively, whichever works best.

By working collaboratively we add to the resources available to our clients. You can access the combined knowledge and experience of the whole Spring Board and their contacts and networks through me, but what we’ve done now is set up an online group which you  can join. We’re going to share our knowledge to this group by posting useful articles and updates but also, and this is the good bit, to allow you to ask questions and get answers or thoughts on things that you might need when you are running your business or dealing with your teams. Basically we want to provide a go to place for any issues you might have from a trusted source.

I hope you like the idea and if you are interested then just let me know. The only catch is that you have to be on LinkedIn but you could join that quite easily just to get access to the team if that was all you wanted to do. When you get there you will see who the team are and follow our profiles for more information about us. I can also give you more information if you want just give me a call.

Daniel Barnett's HR Inner Circle

We're also delighted to be one of the original members of Daniel Barnett's HR Inner Circle, a membership only group of HR professionals who are committed to providing exceptional levels of service for their clients.

Daniel is one of the country's leading employment law experts and in addition to ensuring that we are kept aware of any legislative changes, the HR Inner Circle provides access to a pool of HR best practice.