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For more than 10 years we have provided companies of all sizes and in a variety of sectors with uncomplicated, innovative and affordable human resources advice and on-site support ensuring that your people are an asset to your company and not a liability.


With the National Minimum Wage (NMW) now almost fifteen years old, and with another increase pending on 1st April 2017 HMRC have issued a list of the most elaborate excuses they've been given by employers for not paying the appropriate rates:

The Top Ten Silliest Workplace Rules

Alan Kitto

An HR Grapevine article has recently listed The Top Ten Silliest Workplace Rules; we'd be interested to know if you have any sillier rules than these:

  1. All documents have to be 'approved for replication' by a supervisor to make sure employees aren't using the photocopier for non-business purposes
  2. No headphones (despite the fact that people were working alone in an office)
  3. No shouting (despite the fact that they are working in a factory where employees have to wear 30dB ear protection)
  4. No doughnuts, expect on a Friday (other food was fine on any day of the week, just not doughnuts)
  5. Inform your manger 4-5 days before you get sick
  6. No spandex (apparently implemented after an 'incident')
  7. If clothes have patterns, they must be uniform and if a ring in worn on one hand, one must be worn on the other
  8. Only hot food bought from outside can be eaten at work (you can't re-heat home cooked food in the microwave)
  9. Bathroom breaks are limited to 20 minutes a week (yes, that's 4 minutes a day)
  10. Employees queuing at the bus-stop outside the office must stand in an orderly male - female - male - female order

You can read the full article here: Top Ten Silliest Workplace Rules